The Soothing Power of Nostalgia

If someone were to ask, I would have to say that I wasn’t exactly a happy child. I’ll be clear: I know that many of my own friends were substantially more unhappy than me.  I know I had it a lot better than many of them when it came to the relative ease I had making new friends. But that being said, I was still in the same ‘class’ as them.  We weren’t intentionally so, but we were unhappy. Continue reading

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A Personal D&D History, Part I: Inception

Perhaps it’s come time that I share with you how I first got started in playing Dungeons and Dragons.  No, that’s not true.  I think it’s come time for me to really remember how I fell in love with this hobby the first time.  This is autobiographical and, by its very nature, completely self-serving.  Be prepared. Continue reading

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A Map to Adventure

As I noted in an earlier post, I’m working on creating a world to set my Dungeons & Dragons adventures in.  I’ve been working out the history for this world as it would lead into the ruins, people, and dangers in the current world.  I’m enjoying coming up with the varied histories.  Unfortunately, I have a lot of ideas all floating around without a good way to organize them.

As I tried to organize all these thoughts and tried to figure out why one kingdom acted the way it did, I’ve come to realize that geography greatly impacts a people’s history.  For you historians out there, I imagine I’m not telling you anything new. Continue reading

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Information vs. Imagination


Before I go any further, I want to start by saying, the GM for the Pathfinder campaign I’m playing in is excellent and far better than I ever was as a kid.  My opinions on Pathfinder are directly at the game system and not his GM’ing.  In fact, I’ve learned quite a bit from him.

I also understand why Pathfinder is what it is and why it fits in today’s culture.  I think it’s a perfectly well made game that I enjoy playing.  So, when I make observations on it, I’m not often going to point what’s ‘broken’ (like psionics in 1st edition), as I don’t have enough experience with it, nor am I likely to.  I am making observations on what doesn’t work for me.

I should also note, that I understand the great version debate is a sleeping dragon best left alone. But perhaps as foolish as my old school characters were, I’m going to poke the dragon a bit.

Poke, Poke…

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Down the Rabbit Hole

I should note that I’m not very good at these games.  I’m perhaps solidly adequate with them.  But I am also enthusiastic.  As such, I may end up driving some of you, who are perhaps more skilled than I, a little crazy.  I apologize in advance.

I came across an argument on a forum, that started out as a simple and very nerdy search:

“multi class 1st edition” Continue reading

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