RIP Robin Williams

No need to talk about depression, or the pointless waste suicide is.  There will be plenty of that in the future which probably isn’t a bad thing.  Many of us can relate as entertaining outcasts and issues of our own.

Besides being an outstanding performer Robin Williams was one of us.  He played games. Apparently quite a bit.

So set aside a chair for a fallen comrade, poor a drink, and set out some dice at his seat. Tell a funny story and laugh with your friends in honor of him.

I think he’d appreciated it.

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Persistence of Vision

A little bit ago I tried to put the years and era of my childhood in the context of the varying popularity of action figures.  It just made sense to me as the toy industry put out a steady stream of popular toys that formed a strata of specific memories that one could date childhoods as if they were counting the layers of rock that contained a fossil.  They’re very specific.

But why not movies?   Continue reading

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A Personal D&D History, Part IV: Everything that has a Beginning…

Some More Context

Before we continue, let me take a moment to give you some more perspective on how old I was in relation to a pop culture metric from the ’80’s: action figures, as that’s sometimes easier to comprehend than years. Continue reading

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A Personal D&D History, Part III: And so it begins. No really.

So in the last installment, I had finally learned to play, and yet still didn’t manage to play much…

The End of an Era, the Beginning of Another

In 5th grade, Paul and I found ourselves in separate homerooms, but remain good friends. Throughout the year we would get together, go on adventures, watch the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, and live eat and breatheD&D without actually playing it.

The summer between 5th and 6th grade I remember Continue reading

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A Personal D&D History, Part II: Learning to Play

It Gets a Bit Fuzzy

We last left off with my younger self about to buy my first TSR product:  The Basic Set.

Oddly enough, this pivotal moment in the story remains the least clear to my memory.

Look at that little gaming fiend!

Lock up your daughters! Look at that little gaming fiend!

I’d have to put it in the fall of 1983.  Paul and I were best friends, spending most weekends at each other’s house pretending to go on monster slaying adventures.  The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon was in its first season.   Continue reading

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